Sandvika, Norway | 27.08 - 30.08 2020
  • Boros Adrian FOTÓ: SZALMÁS PÉTER

  • CZÉLLAI-VÖRÖS Zsófia Repost: #zsoficzellai

  • Vanda KISZLI, #kiszlivanda

  • Renata Csay, Repost:

Welcome to Norway

11 February 2020

We welcome all nations to Norway and Bærum in August 2020. Hungary was the best nation in China during World Champinonship in 2019 and we hope to see the Kayak and Canoers from Hungary perform great sport here in 2020. Among the many Hungarian athletes with excellent performance we find BOROS Adrian, MATHE Krisztian, CZÉLLAI-VÖRÖS Zsófia, CSAY Renata and KIZLI Vanda.