Canoe Marathon
World Cup
Norway 2019
Sandvika, Norway | 31.05 - 02.06 2019


The courses for the 2019 World Cup are now determined. The pictures under can give you an impression of the courses. The two first pictures are from the construction period of the new park. The video on the opening page of this site give you a better picture of how it looks today.

SHORT DISTANCE COURSE - is done anti-clock wise (turns in left direction)

NORMAL DISTANCE - is done clock wise (turns in right direction)

Last lap is around TP3 and then to the finish.

Start -TP1=0,7 km TP1=0,1 km TP1 -TP2: 1,7km TP2=0,1 km TP2- Start/Portage= 1,0km Total 3,6km/lap

Portage area:

The portage-, start and finish-area will be at the new park at Kadettangen. Disembarkment, embarkment and the whole portage (approx 100m) are on the beach.